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‘Ted Nugent like overnight’: Comedian Adam Carolla says he’s conservative because alternative is scary

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carollaComedian and radio show host Adam Carolla, a self-described liberal guy, says he’s now a conservative because he’s scared of the alternative.

Carolla sat down recently with The Daily Caller to plug his new book, “President Me: The America’s That’s in My Head,” and to share some thoughts on politics.

“I never define myself as a conservative, but I’m becoming defined as a conservative,” he said when asked where he lines up politically. “I’m now conservative because I wouldn’t want to be what the alternative is, which is scary to me.”

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Carolla spoke of his time working with Dr. Drew Pinsky on the show “Loveline,” and how he began to emulate his co-host’s belief of taking care of your family.

“I just started saying, ‘focus on your family, take care of your kids,’” Carolla said. “And then all of a sudden, I become Ted Nugent like overnight.”

“It’s a weird thing that this has become a conservative, right-wing issue,” he continued. “Take care of your G-d damn kids? Feed your kids? Educate your kids? These are radical right-wing ideas?”

The comedian also pointed to his opposition to raising taxes — a given coming from someone who lives in California — but said his political beliefs evolve from a “build your own omelette” process.

In wrapping up the interview, Carolla had an answer to the prevailing question of our time, which is what is government “going to do for me?”

“Don’t expect anybody, especially the government, to do anything for you,” he said.

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