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‘Pay-to-pee’ teacher will not be punished after students wet themselves; mom pulls girl out of school

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As far as the local teachers union is concerned, two Vancouver third graders who wet themselves after saying their teacher would not let them use the bathroom don’t have a pot to piss in.

Nor will the Mill Plain Elementary teacher face disciplinary action.

The teacher did have a pay-to-pee policy in place using play money students earn in the classroom and one of the parents said her daughter wet her pants because she did not have enough funds to pay for a needed bathroom break, The Columbian reported.

The fee for such a privilege is $50 in play money.

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Jasmine Al-Ayadhi said her child chose to spend her last $50 of play money to buy popcorn, even though she needed to go to the bathroom. The girl figured she could hold it, but turned out to be wrong.

“When it comes to a bathroom issue, when a child has to pay money to use the bathroom, that’s wrong,” she told the local ABC affiliate KATU. “It’s inhumane.”

As it turns out, the pay-to-pee policy was designed to help cut down on class interruptions, but Evergreen Public Schools said students are allowed to use the bathroom if it was an emergency, according to The Columbian.

And the school district denied children are charged for popcorn, saying the treat is used as a reward for students who demonstrate desired character traits.

Gloria M. Smith, president of the local teachers union, released a statement after an investigation was conducted and said the children were never denied bathroom breaks and that no disciplinary measures have been taken against the teacher.

Al-Ayadhi said her daughter will not return to the school.

“How can you return a child to a school where she’s being humiliated and degraded?” she said.

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