Moving photos from ‘Rolling Thunder’ motorcycle rally; veterans bring pride to nation’s capital

The Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally rolled through the nation’s capital Sunday, drawing thousands of bikers to the 27th annual Memorial Day weekend pilgrimage that re-unites friends from around the country and aims to focus national attention on veterans issues.

And as always, it was something to see — and hear.

Check out some of the images that flashed worldwide, thanks to the miracle of Twitter and some thanks to

Here’s the view from the Pentagon north lot.

With street closings to accommodate the throng, the bikers got plenty of attention from D.C. residents and the local authorities, but a higher power was on hand, too, with the blessing of the bikes at the National Cathedral.

Some who joined had specialized causes.

Others sported more traditional colors — the ride started in 1988 as a way to help Vietnam War veterans. The name itself comes from the war’s best-known bombing campaign.

There was pride — and humor.

And there was most of all respect. This single Marine’s salute says it all.



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