Jolting life-sized ‘Abortion Barbie’ posters welcome Wendy Davis to Hollywood fundraiser

Texas Democrat gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis was greeted Thursday in Hollywood by life-sized posters depicting her as “Abortion Barbie.”

abortion_barbieThe poster showed Davis’ face on a Barbie doll with a baby in its belly, next to a pair of scissors, and included the caption: “Hollywood welcomes Abortion Barbie Wendy Davis.”

The Texas state senator was tagged “Abortion Barbie” by Red State’s Erick Erickson after her filibuster in the Texas legislature in favor of late term abortions.

Davis was attending a fundraiser in Tinsel Town, looking for a quick influx of cash to help rejuvenate her flailing campaign — she is trailing in polls by double digits to her GOP opponent, state Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Adding to her worries, the Democratic Governors Association left her off its list of priority races last month.

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The Davis campaign made a weak attempt to pin responsibility for the posters on Abbott.

“It seems that Greg Abbott can’t let a week go by without showing how out of touch he is with women,” campaign spokesman Zac Petkanas said, according to the Huffington Post.

The San Antonio Express-News reported that the poster was funded by Texas conservative Kathryn Stuard.

“It hits people with the truth,” Stuard told the newspaper. “The artist is very edgy… I do support Abbott but the campaign had nothing to do with these (posters).”

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