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Incompetent VA slashes D-Day vet’s benefits to $6 a month!

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A Navy veteran who braved German fire to land troops on the French coast on D-Day 70 years ago is taking a different kind of fire from his own Department of Veterans Affairs.

collagejosephteson0526Joseph Teson of Watervliet, N.Y., has had his VA benefits slashed to $6 a month after bureaucracy bean-counters discovered an overpayment in the $300 a month benefits he’d been receiving, according to an NBC affiliate in Albany.

WNYT-TV reported Teson was notified of the overpayment last year when he received a VA letter stating a change in his “entitlement to compensation and pension benefits” had resulted in an overpayment to him of $3,090. And the federal government — that leviathan in our lives that’s bragging about only running a $500 billion deficit for 2014 — wants that three grand back.

“Since you are currently receiving VA benefits, we plan to withhold those benefits until the amount you were overpaid is recouped,” the letter stated.

So, thanks to the federal government’s own incompetence — it’s not like Teson went to the office and robbed the till himself —  his VA benefits are down to $6 a month.

Teson doesn’t sound like he’s starving. He still has Social Security and his pension – his grown children are around if things get too tough for him and his wife of 67 years. Truth be told, he doesn’t sound like he cares much one way or the other; he’s 89 kyears old and he knows the score.

But $6 a month?

This is 2014. Five years ago, at the dawn of the Age of Obama, power-drunk Democrats decided to waste $800 billion – that’s BILLION — on a 2009 stimulus that stimulated nothing. The next year progressives in the White HouseWhite House put up a half-billion taxpayer dollars in loan guarantees for a soon-to-be-bankrupt solar-powered con game called Solyndra (now all but forgotten in the Obama litany of corruption).

And God only knows how many uncountable hundreds of millions have been spent on the disaster of Obamacare and all its works.

But this same government has no problem cutting an elderly man’s benefits to $6 a month to get back $3,000 it gave him in the first place.

It’s not just an insult to Teson, it’s a disgrace to the rest of us – as this administration has been since one minute after noon on Jan. 20, 2009.

Back in June 1944, a young sailor named Joe Teson could never have imagined his government would be paying him $6 a month in benefits for putting his life on the line for a country at war.

In 2014, it’s just as hard to believe.

Check out the NYT report here.


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