Desperate Dems use finale of ‘Mad Men’ in most mock-worthy way

On the heels of an embarrassing bumper sticker suggestion that nearly broke the BS meter and was laughed off of Twitter, the Democrat Party has thrown another bogus propaganda tweet up for mockery.

If you are a fan of AMC’s “Mad Men,” don’t be offended by the shameless use of the show’s finale Sunday night to prop up the false narrative of the party of “huh?” They will use anything to get attention.

If you’re unfamiliar with the award-winning television period drama about Madison Avenue’s famous ad agencies, it skillfully reflects the role of women in a man’s world and the evolution of the sexes as it happened in the ’60s.

Naturally, enlightened Dems would attempt to make that into a Republican-bashing public service announcement.

Here is the tweet and the responses via Twitchy:



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Michele Kirk


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