MSNBC’s Toure makes Holocaust survival about white privilege; sends shockwaves

It would seem MSNBC’s Touré has a problem with those privileged Holocaust survivors succeeding in life due to “the power of whiteness.

Yes, you read that correctly.

He stooped about as low as one can get Friday by retweeting the following tweet, adding his own accusation of “white privilege,” which had most people asking, “what the hell is wrong with you?”

Here are a few of my personal favorite responses, but, as you can imagine, there were so many more.


The response tweets were filled with outrage and many used strong language and heavy sarcasm to express it. S.M @redsteeze used a series of extremely sarcastic tweet pics to vent. Here are a few:

The original tweet came from Dat’s Racis’ @hope_and_chains who had plenty to say to Toure’:
Dats racis
See many more tweets on Twitchy.

Michele Kirk


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