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Ted Cruz fixes Obama’s ‘Like a Boss’ bumper sticker: Well played!

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U.S. Senator Ted Cruz had a few tweaks for the Democrats’ new Obama bumper sticker proposal bringing it a little closer to reality.

The party, having no shame, caused a flurry of feedback when it tweeted the idea out Friday.

Talk about opening yourself up for criticism. The responses were brutal, as one might expect.

But instead of  commenting, the can-do senator from Texas took it upon himself to make the message more accurate.

Easy fix. Good work, senator!

Democrats reacted later in the day to the anti-Obama sentiments by doubling down on the embarrassing statement, adding sunglasses and the hashtag “#dealwithit.” Smart Americans had an answer for that too, according to Twitchy:

To see more reaction, check out Twitchy.

Michele Kirk


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