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ESPN analyst’s defense of Mark Cuban leads to fearless 7 minutes of fiery racial honesty

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ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith is mad – and doesn’t care who knows it.

stephenasmith0524In a tirade lasting seven priceless minutes Friday night, the sports analyst went after blacks who criticized him for defending Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban for saying in an interview Wednesday that he would cross the street to avoid running into “a black kid in a hoodie.”

In the same breath, Cuban said he would avoid a white guy covered in tattoos, but the damage had been done. He apologized for the remark on Thursday — to the family of Trayvon Martin, the Florida teenager whose death in a street fight in February 2011 ignited a racial controversy that lingers  today.

Also on Thursday, Smith stepped straight into the line of fire himself and defended Cuban during an ESPN interview.

“I took no issue whatsoever with what Mark Cuban said,” Smith said. “He happens to be correct.”

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For that, Smith said, he was flooded with emails and Twitter postings — called a “sellout” and “Uncle Tom,” told he “ain’t black,” or “ain’t one of us.” On Friday night, he answered with a proud, passionate and blistering critique of the people who claim to speak for black Americans today. Smith didn’t mention any names. He didn’t have to.

Check it out here:

Smith made headlines two weeks ago with a refreshing take on the NFL Draft Day gay-kiss controversy. If he keeps stepping off the reservation like this,  he better have someone watching his back.

Maybe someone like this Twitter poster, who spoke for many Americans, white and black, who want to see this country move forward.




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