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Obama bumper sticker ignites full-snark Twitter reaction: ‘Like a Boss’

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The official Twitter account of the Democratic Party tweeted an image of a proposed bumper sticker Friday that unleashed a torrent of snark, leaving some to wonder what it takes to embarrass the party.

Featuring a head shot of President Obama, the bumper sticker included the caption: “Like a Boss.”

Obviously, it’s a weak attempt to present an image of a competent executive in the wake of the Veterans Affair scandal, the latest in a long line of problems for this administration.

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Some of the responses to the laughable proposal were instant classics — with a few “rock stars” on the right finding it irresistible to get in on the fun. Twitchy documented some of the tweets:

The opportunity to alter the image proved to be just as much fun. You have to give the Democrats credit, even if they are driving us into obscurity, we can go with a smile on our face:

Tom Tillison


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