Obama bumper sticker ignites full-snark Twitter reaction: ‘Like a Boss’

The official Twitter account of the Democratic Party tweeted an image of a proposed bumper sticker Friday that unleashed a torrent of snark, leaving some to wonder […]

Obama in mom jeans
Obama’s visit to Baseball Hall of Fame includes staff, but no mom jeans

President Obama visited the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., on Thursday, and while he managed to bring along quite an entourage, he left the “mom […]

GOP rep.: House passed a dozen VA reform bills that are DOA in Senate

While the president pounds his fist and proclaims he’s “madder than hell” over the Veterans Affairs scandal and then just asks for more time to review and […]

Former Pentagon spokesman: ‘Al-Qaida detainees get better medical treatment than vets’

“Al Qaida detainees get better medical treatment than our veterans.” That’s the damning allegation from retired Navy Commander J.D. Gordon, who served as Pentagon spokesman in the Office […]

Pelosi on Benghazi
Nancy Pelosi’s answer to the VA scandal: Blame Bush

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., accepted no blame for the Veterans Affairs scandal, saying Thursday that her party has worked hard for veterans over the years, […]

How not to throw a hand grenade
How not to throw a hand grenade

I wonder if it’s difficult for hand grenade instructors to get life insurance. H’T: LiveLeak

Wild video: Never let a gator get this close to you
Wild video: Never let a gator get this close to you

This is just nuts. One day, this guy is going to get his face ripped off. Having more balls than brains is not a positive character trait. […]

Dramatic video: Man catches falling baby
Dramatic video: Man catches falling baby

This video is from China, and the baby is a 1-year-old who crawled out the window and onto the ledge. Always good to see a baby rescued.

Leno hasn’t lost a step as he skewers Obama, Kerry at Israeli event

Retired “Tonight Show” host Jay Leno proved he hasn’t lost his fastball after firing a couple of zingers at President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry during at […]

electronic privacy
Electronic privacy battles taking place in 20 states

State lawmakers are pushing back against the surveillance alliance between the executive branch and law enforcement agencies at all levels of society. According to data published by […]

Hassan Rouhani
Iran’s leader snubs nuclear talks, demands reparations for US’ ‘hostile policies’

In a direct slap to President Obama’s face, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called Wednesday for the United States to pay his country reparations for “hostile policies.” Rouhani […]

Outraged GOP senator slams Dem chairman for calling Obamacare opponents racists

A bitter exchange took place Wednesday between Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., and retiring Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., during a hearing on Obamacare after the Democrat lawmaker implied […]