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Pat Sajak responds to frenzy over global warming tweet, left calls for him to lose job

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“Wheel of Fortune” host Pat Sajak had no idea just how accurate he was when he joked on Twitter about “poking a stick in a hornet’s nest,” a reference to his earlier tweet about global warming.

The good-natured Sajak posted a tweet late Monday that said “global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists,” as seen here:

The Hollywood conservative’s supporters loved the jest — the tweet has been re-tweeted over 3,000 times, and more than 2,300 have “favorited” it — but the indignant reaction from climate change believers and their allies in the media is approaching gay mafia levels.

Al Gore disciples are even calling for Sajak to step down as host of Wheel of Fortune, according to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly — a development Howard Stern is in agreement with, she added.

“No one’s looking for an opinion from Pat Sajak, Stern said on his radio show. “They just want him to read the stupid clues. But he’s going to let you know he’s got political thoughts, and I tell you, he is going to run himself right into trouble and hopefully he will run himself right out of a job.”

Even Alec Baldwin got in on the feeding frenzy, tweeting: “Let’s officially name climate change denial Sajak Syndrome.”

The uproar prompted Sajak, who is known to tweet humorous comments and observations — from a conservative perspective — to post a follow up tweet that said, in effect, relax and take a deep breath:

He also released a statement that said: “Of course I was joking. Just mocking the name-calling that is directed at global warming skeptics within and without the scientific community.”

Sajak, a climate change skeptic, seemed to predict the current frenzy back in 2007, in a Human Events article:

“The subject of man-made global warming is almost impossible to discuss without a descent into virulent name-calling (especially on the Internet, where anonymity breeds a special kind of vicious reaction to almost any social or political question), but I’ll try anyway.”

In the end, the lesson to be learned here is a familiar one; conservatives just need to shut up.

Tom Tillison


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