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Atlanta teacher on video hurling expletive ridden rant at student still has a job

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crawford msA middle school teacher in Atlanta, Ga., was caught on video directing an expletive-laden rant at one of her students.

‘I’m trying to do something, and I can’t keep babysitting you,” the unidentified teacher can be heard saying to a student as he walked into her classroom. “Close the door!”

‘Stop! I ain’t f***ing playing with you,” she continued as the student headed to his desk. “You want to play? Stay home with your mama.”

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The teacher then targets her student’s parents, saying, “I have a f***ing job, half your mothers don’t.”

Santosha Manuel told WSB-TV her niece recorded the video, in part because the teacher allegedly had a history of using profanity in class.

“Two months ago, [her niece] came home and said the teacher had said ‘f you’ to her and to sit down,” Manuel told the local network. “I told her, if it happened again, to get proof, and that’s what her cellphone was for and to record it so that I would have proof this time.”

According to WSB-TV, the school district confirmed the teacher seen in the video works at Crawford Long Middle School in southwest Atlanta, and is no longer in the classroom.

She was not fired.

The district sent the network the following statement:

“Atlanta Public Schools (APS) promotes a culture of ethics to which all employees are expected to adhere. This is a personnel matter that is currently being investigated. However, APS can confirm that the teacher is not currently assigned to work directly with students.”

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