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Stormchasers capture massive supercell thunderstorm in mesmerizing video

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Stormchasers from Basehunters captured an incredible sight Sunday in northeast Wyoming, producing a time-lapse video of the formation and dissipation of a massive supercell thunderstorm.

The National Weather Service explains that supercell thunderstorms are a special breed, which bear responsibility for nearly all of the significant tornadoes produced in the U.S. and for most of the hailstones larger than golf ball size. Supercells are also known to produce extreme winds and flash flooding, as residents of Tornado Alley recall only too well.

Tuesday, May 20, marks the one-year anniversary of the tornado that ripped through Moore, Oklahoma, destroying much of the town and leaving 25 people dead.

The townsfolk have regrouped, and new building codes require structures to be able to withstand winds up to 135 miles per hour.

However, in supercell thunderstorms, the force of Mother Nature can easily exceed that limit.

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