Awkward! WH press pool forced to stay in bedroom while Obama courts one-percenters

Just because a reporter is included in the White House press pool, it doesn’t mean they’ll get to actually cover an event – even if you’re with the Associated Press.

Reporters discovered that on Monday when they were covering President Obama’s fundraiser at the $5 million home of Jeff and Lora Drezner in Potomac, Md. The cover charge was $10,000 per person to benefit the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, according to the Washington Post.

The president apparently didn’t want his remarks made public, so the press pool was sent to a bedroom on the premises.

Josh Lederman of the AP tweeted:

The responses were comical:

This isn’t the first time the press has been sequestered. The Houston Chronicle‘s Kevin Diaz was sent to a maintenance shed during the president’s golf game Saturday at the exclusive Robert Trent Jones’ golf course, according to The Daily Caller.

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