SC university bringing back dead white guys; is this some kind of hoax?

Let’s hear it for the dead white males!

Hard as it is to believe, an American institution of higher learning is closing down a center for women’s studies and homosexual literature and actually using the money to teach the nation’s founding documents.

Is this some kind of hoax?


Citing several South Carolina media sources, the conservative website Campus Reform reports that, effective July 1, the University of South Carolina Upstate will be shifting money away from studies that have put it in the cross hairs of conservative state lawmakers.

In April, for instance, its Center for Women’s and Gender Studies sponsored a symposium of gay literature that originally included a performance of a one-woman play called “How to Be a Lesbian in 10 Days or Less.”

Instead, the $450,000 saved will be used to teach the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers — revolutionary ideas of democracy, individual liberty and “government of the people” that have been spreading freedom for more than 200 years.

According to Campus Reform, the new focus will help the school comply with a 90-year-old South Carolina law that requires colleges to teach “a year’s worth of courses on the nation’s founding documents.”

Imagine that. Now, instead bleating constantly about their constitutional rights – which to libs tends to mean adults not working, children not learning and men kissing on ESPN – USCU students might actually be learning what those constitutional rights really are and where they come from.

Really, is this some kind of a hoax?


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