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Judge Jeanine heartbroken over VA ‘homicides’: ‘War heroes don’t leave men to die!’

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Judge JeanineA heartbroken Judge Jeanine Pirro unloaded Saturday on President Obama and Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki over the “hotbed of corruption” that resulted in veterans being left to die.

Known for hard hitting commentary, Pirro, whose father and grandfather were veterans, matched her best effort in calling out the unacceptable treatment of those who have served their country.

“Mr. President, your administration is the most lawless in American history,” she said during her opening monologue. “After five years, nothing surprises me. I’m not shocked. But I am heartbroken.”

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But Judge Jeanine saved her most stinging criticism for Shineski, a wounded Vietnam War hero.

“And General, you call yourself a war hero?” she asked. “War heroes don’t leave men to die. I don’t care if you’re the most decorated man in military history. You are leaving men and women to die.”

The Fox News host also called Shineski out for referring to the scandal as an “adverse incident.”

“You call veterans facing certain death, refused medical care by VA personnel who then create false records so that they can pocket a bonus, an “adverse incident?” she offered. “It’s not an adverse incident, General, it’s a homicide, a criminally negligent homicide!”

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