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Gun grabbers still push campus ban: Preventing rape is no reason to arm women

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Second Amendment supporters still have their work cut out for them in the Centennial State.

Gun-grabbers trying to get concealed weapons banned from Colorado campuses spout the party line when it comes to the current liberal obsession with college sexual assaults, but say arming women isn’t the solution.

They just don’t have any other realistic solutions to offer.

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“Addressing the prevalence and risk of campus sexual assault shouldn’t be tied into a concealed gun issue,” said Ken Toltz, founder of the ludicrously misnamed Safe Campus Colorado, told the Daily Camera in an interview published Sunday.

“It’s separate and politicizes something that we’re not doing enough about,” said Toltz, who claims his group has more than half the signatures it needs to get a campus ban on the ballot in November.

“The statistics are really worrisome about how prevalent sexual assault is on college campuses. We’re not doing enough, and handing out guns is not the solution.”

Rape survivor Amanda Collins thinks it might be a start.

Collins gave testimony last March that helped convince Colorado lawmakers to turn down a concealed weapons ban on campuses. Her words also helped spark last fall’s recall elections that drove two gun one gun-grabbing Democrat from office and force the resignation of a third.

“I think everyone would agree that more needs to be done to prevent sexual assaults, however campus carry isn’t trying to prevent sexual assaults,” Collins told the Daily Camera. “It’s about allowing women to be able to protect their bodies and preserve their lives if they find themselves in that situation, which they continually do.”

Hillary begins to tarnish Obama for her own gain

That’s the kind of clear thinking libs refuse to grasp. While arguing that college campuses have been turned into veritable rape factories, the White House last month made an election-year push to show off how much it worries about young, unmarried Democrat-voting women by putting out a 20-page report long on big words and Joe Biden, but short on reality.

Newly minted University of Colorado law school grad Katherine Whitney has no problem accepting reality.

“There are women in this state who have been raped on college campuses but have concealed carry permits and are still completing their degrees,” she told the Daily Camera. “It’s very important that they are able to attend a university where they’re permitted to carry on campus.”

How hard is that to understand?

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