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Exhausted dog rescued after days trapped neck-deep in mud

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If every dog must have his day, then 13-year-old Pluto certainly had his on May 9.

After being stuck in a mud hole for three days, the Australian shepherd was truly at the end of his leash when two Willistown Township police officers rescued him.

“We just knew we had to get the dog out of there,” Officer Mike Cushner told CBS3 Philly. “It was in distress. It wasn’t really moving a whole lot.”

“It just followed us with its eyes, so, it was exhausted,” added Sergeant Michael Martin.

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The dog had been missing for three days before owner Sheila Shorr found him struggling in the mud pit adjacent to a nearby creek. She called police and the officers used boards to get close to the impounded pooch, before stepping in themselves. The extraction required the strength of both of them to free him from the suction, and even then, Pluto was too tired to move.

“I just pictured my own dog and what I would want somebody to do and that’s to get it,” said Kushner.

“I was frantic,” said Shorr. “[Dogs] have so much heart and soul.”

But after a trip to the vet, the shepherd returned home, albeit worse for wear, yet happy to be alive.


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