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‘For the love of God no!’ New Hillary bumper sticker arrives

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Hillary Clinton’s nascent presidential campaign is getting ready to hit the road as the “Faith Voters for Hillary” group announces a shipment of bumper stickers for all of those praying for the former first lady’s return to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Photo: IB Times

And after Bill Clinton gets his, there should be plenty left over for the rent-seeking crony capitalists, trade union blood-suckers, and grievance mongering MSNBC stars that make up the Democratic Party elite — with maybe 47 percent or so left over for the assorted hangers-on still sporting those damnable Obama-Biden bumper stickers that have been tooling around inside the Beltway for the past six execrable years.

The bumper stickers were announced in a breathless Tweet from the Church of St. Hillary.

And that howl you just heard was the collective shriek of the Twitter universe.

Here, with some thanks to Twitchy, is a sampling of the horror. Let’s start with the more temperate reactions.

Unfortunately, it’s not. But that doesn’t mean saner folks — or at least those over 30 or so — can’t make them.

Joking aside, it’s serious business when a former secretary of state and her party’s best known public figure doesn’t have the decency to step aside after 20 years of inflicting herself and the traumas of her sham politics, sham ideology and sham marriage on a country that would be in pretty good shape without her.

And that includes a few women most of us have heard about.

There really must be a few semi-deluded souls out there who think the Wellesley grad and her Methodist background can mesh the politics of the progressive Left with Christianity. But there are are more who who believe in consistency.

But brevity, as the Bard said, is really the soul of wit.

A Hillary presidency?

Amen to that.


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