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Beauty or a beast? High-profile surfer blonde suspected in road-rage attempted murder of elderly woman

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If what authorities say is true, this one’s beauty doesn’t go any lower than a tattoo.

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook

A beautiful blonde model with a life centered on camera lenses and Hawaiian beaches was behind bars Saturday facing an attempted murder charge after she followed an elderly woman to her home, ran her over with her car, then tried to run her over again before being stopped by a good Samaritan.

According to Hawaii News Now, the incident occurred Wednesday, when 30-year-old Jill Anjuli Hansen followed the victim home to her condo in Waikiki for some reason and ran the woman over when she got out of her vehicle.

Hansen tried to put her car into reverse and run the woman over again, but a condo complex worker nearby struck her Volkswagen Passat with a crowbar, smashing the back window, according to the report. .

Hansen then fled on foot, only to be picked about seven hours later by police. For a beautiful woman, she’s got a personal past that’s far from pretty. Hawaii News Now reported:

This isn’t her first run in with police.  She has a pending assault case and in a separate case was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

There is also an active restraining order filed by her father.  According to the court documents, her father says she used Facebook to find someone to murder him and his family.

She has multiple, unintelligible rants on the social media site.  She claims to be a professional surfer and model and lashes out at critics.

In fact, shortly after running over the elderly woman and while still at large, she took the opportunity to celebrate her surferhood in a Facebook post.

“I am becoming a professional! I have worked SOOOO hard to get to today. I am so greatful for all the support of the surfers and the ASP (association of surfing professionals),” she wrote.

Her Facebook correspondents were not amused.

“Really?” one wrote. “I heard you just got booked on attempted murder for trying to run over an elderly person with your car.”

Another was less sarcastic.

“The reality Jill is that you are mentally ill and need help,” he wrote.

The victim is recovering, her husband told Hawaii News Now.

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