‘Follow the money’: Self-described liberal educator tells ugly truth about Common Core

A former assistant principal spilled the truth about how the large and powerful lobbying group, Pearson, is making millions by authoring the standardized Common Core tests in Florida […]

Michelle Obama criticizes school ‘segregation,’ but her own daughters are safe at private school

It was a graduation lesson in lib hypocrisy. Shunted to “Senior Appreciation Day” after the restrictions her presence would place on graduation ceremonies for Topeka, Kan., first […]

A camel on campus is too racist; PC extremists force cancellation of ‘Hump Day’

Camels on campus are as banned as burritos. The University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minn., has canceled a plan to bring a camel ton campus […]

Reporter escorted out of ‘White Privilege’ workshop because he is white

A reporter attending this year’s White Privilege Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, was escorted out of a workshop because he is white. Progressives Today reported the conference had “segregated workshops […]

Van Susteren plays 911 tape that could help free US Marine jailed in Mexico

An audio tape of a 9-1-1 call made by a U.S. Marine mistakenly jailed in Mexico has suddenly surfaced, which his mother says unequivocally proves his innocence. […]

Beauty or a beast? High-profile surfer blonde suspected in road-rage attempted murder of elderly woman

If what authorities say is true, this one’s beauty doesn’t go any lower than a tattoo. A beautiful blonde model with a life centered on camera lenses […]

NYC swastika
Defiant swastika-wearing New York City taxi driver won’t be fired

A New York City taxi driver has been suspended for 30 days but will not lose his position for wearing a swastika on the job. Gabriel Diaz, a Dominican, […]

US needs better human resources directors, not foreign workers

Problems in hiring high-tech workers at big corporations are driving the push for amnesty in the immigration reform debate. Big businesses say they need to import more […]

Liberals would lose it! Ben Carson, Allen West could make history with 2016 bids

With a Republican primary field wide open for the 2016 race, two possible candidates for the the GOP nomination are guaranteed to drive the libs even crazier […]

Jake Tapper blows up at White House: ‘How many dead veterans do you need?’

CNN host Jake Tapper exploded at White House Chief of Staff Denis McDonough on Thursday over McDonough’s continued defense of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki. “How many dead veterans do […]

Drunk DWS tweet
Drunk DNC chair? ‘I think Wasserman Schultz was drinking and Instagramming’

If you’re going to pose for a ridiculous selfie and allow it on social media, you probably deserve the comments that follow. If you’re the DNC chairwoman […]