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Giuliani: 9/11 museum ‘well done, beautiful’

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani appeared on “CBS This Morning” Thursday to discuss and praise the opening of the 9/11 museum.

“Now with the passage of time, you’re sort of brought back into the day. And maybe it’s also how well the museum is done. I mean it really bridges you back into that day around gives you a sense of reliving it,” Giuliani said.

Giuliani also addressed the controversy of victim’s families being upset that unidentified remains are being moved to an underground repository at the museum. Giuliani argued that the museum should always try to “do what the families want.”

“My view was always try to do what the families want. Here we have a split, right? We have some of the families who are — seem very happy with and seen very peaceful with the idea that it’s there right at the base, which after all is their final resting place for the people who weren’t recovered. Others feel it’s wrong to have it that far below the ground and also in a museum which in some ways although it’s quite a beautiful one, is a tourist attraction.”

“If I were doing it I would probably take a poll and try to figure out if there’s one strong feeling one way or the other,” Giuliani added.

Published with permission from Washington Free Beacon.

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