Devious Karl Rove sets trap to catch Hillary’s lies

collagehillarykarlroveMaybe Karl Rove is crazy like a fox. When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s concussion and possible brain damage, Rove seems to be like a cat toying with a spider.

Two possible scenarios are at play over Clinton’s alleged injury: She lied to get out of testifying in Congress, or she was so injured that she could have lasting damage.

But here is the trap, I believe, that devious Rove has laid: He isn’t interested in whether Clinton has a medical problem. He is targeting her lie, believing that she made up the injury to get out of testifying. By questioning her fitness to run for president, he is forcing her supporters and the news media to emphasize how slight her injuries were. Then, Republicans will be able to put two and two together for voters.

On Dec. 13, 2012, Clinton ducked out of testifying before the House and Senate foreign affairs committees. She was called to explain her disastrous failures and outright lies before, during and after the terrorist attacks on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stephens and three other Americans.

Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Philippe Reines said Clinton was suffering from a stomach virus, fainted and hit her head, which caused a concussion. Reines was vague on when the fall took place.

“I still have some lingering effects from falling on my head and having the blood clot,” Clinton said on “60 Minutes” in January 2013. “But, you know, the doctors tell me that that will all recede.”

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Volunteering such information on national TV suggests there’s a possibility that the “lingering effects” might not recede. So if Clinton wants to be president, Rove’s questions are reasonable.

Also, let us not forget that the secretary of state is in the line of succession for the presidency under the U.S. Constitution. So Clinton’s health is no small matter.

Although Clinton did testify later in January 2013, the issue was drawn out. But more importantly, the delay seemed tactical, giving Clinton more time to manufacture excuses and distractive narratives.

Earlier this week, Rove questioned Clinton’s health at a political conference in Los Angeles, Calif., according to the New York Post.

“Thirty days in the hospital?” he said. “And when she reappears, she’s wearing glasses that are only for people who have traumatic brain injury? We need to know what’s up with that.”

Rove repeated the claim a number of times during his comments at the conference, according to the Post.

Rove’s comments were interesting because they had nothing do with the topic of the conference. Sure seems like he’s laying a carefully calculated trap.

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Jonathon Moseley

Jonathon Moseley is a Board member of the Northern Virginia Tea Party, and Executive Director of American Border Control. He served as Executive Director of the Legal Affairs Council.

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105 thoughts on “Devious Karl Rove sets trap to catch Hillary’s lies

  1. Duane Savage says:

    I find it humorous how apoplectic the Democrats feign, when they spend 4 years on the “Kill Romney” campaign. Rove is doing nothing Stephanie Cutter didn’t do.. he just does it better.

  2. tt_tiara says:

    The final four budgets of the Bill Clinton administration produced a Federal Budget *surplus* ! The average rate of unemployment for 1999 was 4.2%, which is really low unemployment.

    1. Mark Daniel says:

      If obamma can blame congress for his failure to pass a budget, then Clinton should credit the Republican controlled Congress for his surplus.
      This could serve as an example to obamma what can happen if he ever chose to work with congress.

      1. Lisztman says:

        Sorry, Mark. Mr. Obama was, and is, more than willing to work with Congress on a constructive (balanced) budget. But Mr. Obama refuses to be blackmailed into accepting a GOP budget that contains exactly, and only, that which the GOP wants. Please understand the difference. It might help your insight into political matters.

        1. Dandee says:


  3. Nancy Janzen says:

    Everybody says Karl Rove was lying when he said she had a traumatic brain injury he did not say brain damage. That is the result of Americans who do not know how to listen when someone speaks and put words into peoples mouths that weren’t said. TBI traumatic brain injury is the medical classification for concussion and that blood clot she had. Learn med speak.

  4. I will always believe the concussion was contrived and never happened. Anytime a celebrity is in a tight spot and their “manager” has to speak for them, it’s a carefully constructed lie.

  5. Lisztman says:

    And at such time, Jonathon, if and when Ms. Clinton declares herself a candidate, it is fair to ask questions. Until then Ms. Clinton is a private citizen and her medical records are private.

    Until such time you may take your nose out of her medical records and put it back up Mr. Rove’s butt.

  6. Dandee says:

    Well when the Secretary of State claims she was in such bad shape, I’m sure her doctor can be asked to testify. Of course the doctor who dropped her on her head when she was born is dead.

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