Bill Maher would love to see Clinton-Warren ‘granny ticket’

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Bill Maher said he would love to see a “gutsy” U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., join forces with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for a 2016 presidential run, referring to the potential pairing as “a granny ticket.”

Appearing on’s PoliticKING with Larry King on Thursday, Maher commented on a possible match up between Clinton and Jeb Bush. Less than enamored with the choice, he said both were “centrist, corporatist type people” who will not “move this country off the track it’s on.”

“I can’t see either one of them doing anything bold like demanding a carbon tax,” he said.

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King asked who might be willing to address climate change, a matter Maher described as being “the most important issue of our time.”

“I think somebody like Elizabeth Warren, one of the most gutsy people I’ve seen in politics in a long time. She’s somebody, I think, who would really say what she feels and she may not ever win anything, but I’d love to see her run with Hillary,” Maher responded.

“How about that? A granny ticket,” he added with a chuckle.

When you think about, there is some merit to Warren being gutsy — how many blond, blue eyed people do you know who have the guts to claim to be a Native American?

Tom Tillison


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