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Dallas morning show co-host, crucified for objection to ESPN’s gay kiss, storms off set

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A co-host of a Dallas morning talk show became so frustrated when discussing openly gay football player Michael Sam’s videotaped kiss with his boyfriend, she stormed off the set.

Amy Kushnir of “The Broadcast” was trying to explain why she disapproved of what she called ESPN’s “in-your-face” coverage of the kiss during the NFL draft.

“When parents do not have a choice about whether or not they want their children to see this, it is wrong,” Kushnir said. “He has every right to do what he wants. I just don’t want it in my face.”

Co-host Courtney Kerr suggested the anti-Sam outcry was “racist toward homosexuals.”

“This was an opportunity to make news,” Kushnir said of ESPN’s coverage of the kiss. When the others on the
show disagreed, she said, “I’m going to Midland,” picked up her belongings and left.

Watch the explosive debate here via The Broadcast TV:

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