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Barbara Walters talks to Letterman about Monica Lewinski taking her place on ‘The View’

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Soon-to-be retired broadcast journalist, Barbara Walters, stopped herself before letting out secrets she wasn’t supposed to reveal about Monica Lewinski on David Letterman’s late night show Wednesday.

Letterman said that he regrets being so brutal to the 22-year-old intern when she provided the bottomless punchline for the nation over her affair with then-President Bill Clinton. The two lamented that Bill and Hillary have moved on but this poor woman, now 40, can’t even get a meaningful job.

When the comedic host asked, almost seriously, about giving Lewinski a shot at co-hosting Walters’ popular talk show “The View,” her response surprised him.

“Um, I wont tell you what we have done,” she said hesitantly, “but it would have been possible.”

Walters stuttered excessively over the suggestion of Lewinski permanently hosting with the panel of ladies. “We’ve . . . wu . . .I . . .I can’t tal . . .( laughter, pause). . .  I think it would be great if she were on the view. I wouldn’t expect it tomorrow.”

Deflecting from the awkwardness, she joked, “Maybe she could take my place. ‘The View’ with Whoopi Goldberg and Monica Lewinski.”

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