Homeowner’s AR-15 trumps home invader’s pistol — aim sure helps

Gun grabbers who want to ban the AR-15 might want to talk to Jonathan Haith.

The North Carolina resident who was confronted by a pistol-wielding home invader escaped injury or death when the man missed with the one shot he got.

Photo: Breitbart.com

Haith and his semi-automatic didn’t miss – which means he’s alive and the home invader is behind bars after hospital treatment, according to WTVD, the ABC affiliate in Raleigh.

Haith, of Henderson, told the station he was awakened about 9:15 a.m. Monday by someone banging on his door. Eventually, the door was broken in and Hath took the rifle he keeps under his bed into the hallway.

There, he confronted the home invader who was crouched in a shooting stance and fired once. The bullet missed Haith and lodged in the wall behind him. Haith returned fire and hit the mark. The bullet went through the man’s shoulder and hit another wall.

As the wounded intruder fled up the street before collapsing, a vehicle pulled out of Haith’s yard to pick up the man, WTVD reported.

By then, Haith had called 911.

The wounded man was treated and released into custody, WTVD reported. The driver of the car that picked him up is being charged as an accessory.

And Haith  going on with his life.

The AR-15 is at the top of the list for libs when it comes to the guns they want to round up. Maybe they have a better idea of handling a home invader?

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