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Hollywood veteran Richard Dreyfuss: If anyone doubts American Exceptionalism, hit them in the mouth

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Veteran actor Richard Dreyfuss has no doubts about American Exceptionalism.

And he’s ready to back it up.

richarddreyfuss0514“Whenever you hear someone say American Exceptionalism [doesn’t exist], you should turn to that person and say, ‘if you don’t prove that statement, I’m going hit you right in the mouth,’” Dreyfuss said Sunday on “Huckabee,” with host Mike Huckabee on Fox.

“Because they don’t prove it, and they can’t,” he said.

That’s a pretty exceptional statement itself, coming from a guy who’s spent his entire life from high school on marinating in the liberal bile of the Hollywood left. And considering the current president of the United States seems to truly doubt American Exceptionalism exists, Dreyfuss is definitely an outlier in the Obamaland of Southern California.

But he’s keeping himself busy. While continuing a career of more than 50 full length Hollywood movies and stage shows, Dreyfuss is dedicating himself to the Dreyfuss Initiative aimed at fostering the study of civics – a course generally considered so dull it’s a byword for boredom in school.

But to Dreyfuss, understanding civics is the key to understanding America – the first of the great revolutions that shattered the old order of monarchy in the Western world.

“We were responsible for the greatest revolution in the history of civilization,” Dreyfuss told Huckabee. “We gave to 98 percent of the human race freedoms that they have been lashed for, lost fingers for or had their heads chopped off for and we gave it to them for free and we are the most revolutionary nation that has ever been and ever will be and we don’t know enough about our constitution or our history to know why we should be proud of it.”

To foster that pride, the Dreyfuss Institute’s website includes a button for visitors to click where the Preamble to the Constitution appears and visitors get a chance to sign up and show their support for the nation’s founding document.

“George Washington said the Constitution should be central, the party should be peripheral. Now we’ve got it all backed around and now the parties are central and the constitution is peripheral,” he said.

‘We don’t know anything about why the Constitution is the most single greatest step toward humans improving civilization since the beginning of man’s sojourn on earth.”

Dreyfuss is trying to change that. For a Hollywood lifer, that’s exceptional indeed.

Check out Huckabee’s interview with Dreyfuss here.


H/T: Newsbusters


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