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Advice columnist gets national attention with response to ‘Sad Sister’ letter

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A letter-writer calling herself “Sad Sister” had her professed piety shoved back in her face by advice columnist Amy (“Ask Amy”) Dickinson, which has now gone viral on the Internet.

The letter first and foremost, requires the reader to decide if it is genuine or contrived, because of several disjointed statements within. But Amy’s kickoff response, “I agree with your sister. You are a horrible person,” has elicited a flood of comments, The Blaze reported.

Sad Sister

In an interview with Jim Romenesko, Dickinson said she only wished she could dream up a letter like this, “…if I could manufacture such solid gold, I would do so every day.”

She added that she frequently receives letters from bullied siblings, but had never called anyone ‘”horrible” before. “But,” Dickinson explained, “she herself supplied the punchline by suggesting she might be horrible, so I was only too happy to affirm this.”

As a panelist on National Public Radio’s weekly program, “Wait, Wait.. Don’t Tell Me,” the columnist said she’s often encouraged to be meaner. “People do love it when I get badass,” she said.

What’s your take?

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