Bold Texas gun store sign has town’s tongues wagging: ‘I like my guns like Obama likes …’

tacticalfirearmsThe owner of Tactical Firearms really hit the bull’s-eye this time.

A marquee outside the store in Katy, Texas, boasts that owner Jeremy Alcede likes his guns “like Obama likes his voters. Undocumented.”

According to the local ABC affiliate, some residents of the small town (population, 15,000) said the sentiment is right on target.

“I think that so much is going on in the government that we need to speak up and say what we believe,” said resident Nancy Newbrough told KTRK.

Some thought the mixture of politics and gunpowder might be explosive.

“Political statement, yes. Freedom of speech? Yeah,” resident Jason Wilfon told the station. “Some people might not like it, some will.”

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In a statement released to KTRK, Alcede said the sign is humor that makes a point.

“Thank God for our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights,” the statement said. “It’s meant as a joke. It’s meant to be funny.”

Alcede is no stranger to the politics of gun control. Last year, he was on the now-defunct CNN program hosted by Piers Morgan, the vocal anti-gun zealot who’s since lost his show. The experience was not a happy one.

But Morgan’s show is history. Alcede position hasn’t changed.

Check out KTRK’s report here.



Joe Saunders

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167 thoughts on “Bold Texas gun store sign has town’s tongues wagging: ‘I like my guns like Obama likes …’

  1. Mark Wahlster says:

    Democrats started the KKK

  2. sfcmac says:

    On the money!

  3. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    That it LADY tell he TRUTH since Obammy won’t.

  4. cmjay says:

    Mr. Alcede – you are now in the IRS radar .Expect multiple audits.

    1. asmith1234 says:

      You mean the organized criminal operation will send in their hit men, (thugs)… ya, you’re probably right.

  5. Ron Coon says:

    Undocumented, without any form of identification, and a multiplicative voter. That’s how Barry likes ’em.

  6. Texas Belle says:

    Humor is always the best way to dffuse a difficult situation. But of course Liberals don’t have a sense of humor so someone will no doubt complain.

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