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What Harry Reid said about the media that made Megyn Kelly chuckle

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Senate Majority Leader ignited a harsh debate on Fox News’ “The Kelly File” when he described media coverage as one-sided in favor of Republicans.

In an interview with a Fox News reporter, Harry Reid, D-Nev., said, “One of the problems the Press has in modern-day journalism is everything you do is a tit-for-tat. You won’t call things the way they actually exist. What has happened here is that Republicans have stopped everything from happening.”

On her Friday program, Fox host Megyn Kelly asked Dana Loesch, from Blaze TV, and Mark Hannah, former Obama aide, to respond to Reid’s aggrieved sense of inequity.

The host of “Dana” agreed. “…The coverage is completely unfair,” she said. “The Democrats have been coasting…studies have come out showing how different editors and different reporters, where their partisanship lies …the bottom line is that it’s kind of a joke. He can’t be taken seriously.”

Hannah offered a contrasting opinion. “I think the media has a ‘he-said she-said’ biased version of objectivity,” he said. “For example, the only reason Benghazi is coming up in the news is because the Republican House has launched this special committee.  They’ve done it because of this email that came out from the White House, that somehow this was a red flag for certain Republicans…But we’ve already seen this investigated by four times by thirteen committees and there’s been no evidence of intentional wrongdoing.”

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Kelly raised the flip side of the debate question, the media ignoring stories the White House did not find beneficial. Loesch wholeheartedly agreed, and stated that the media “actively goes on a ‘trash and smash’ campaign against any reporter that dares discuss it.”

She added that “if you want to talk about a ‘War on Women,’ let’s look at Sharyl Attkisson and Lara Logan over at CBS, where the president just happens to be the older brother of Ben Rhodes, who authored this email, and there’s this campaign to completely discredit them, why, because I guess they didn’t exactly follow the talking points and asked too many questions.”


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