Rick Santorum’s dire warning: VA hospital horror is preview of what is coming with Obamacare

A former U.S. Senator and Republican presidential candidate warned that the problems engendered by the recent VA hospital scandal  were only a preview of things to come.

Speaking with CNN’s Candy Crowley on Sunday’s “State of the Union,” Pennsylvanian Rick Santorum said that growing up after the war on a Veterans Administration post, where both his parents worked, he saw a gradual erosion of medical care.

“If you want to look at an example of government-run health care, the VA is a good example,” he said. “If we treat our veterans this way, imagine how we’re going to treat ordinary Americans who don’t have the political pull and the pull on the heartstrings that our veterans do.”

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Santorum asked Crowley to consider where Obamacare was headed, and if she really wanted this as a government-run system of medical care?

She wondered if the VA’s problems were systemic or a function of leadership, and if VA Secretary Eric Shinseki should go? Santorum responded the problems could be attributed to both, and that if its proven Shinseki hasn’t performed admirably, appropriate conclusions should be drawn.

Video courtesy of Breitbart.


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