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Miami Dolphin player fined, removed from team activities just for disapproving of gay NFL kiss

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The media celebration of the first openly gay player to be drafted in the NFL drew the ire of a Miami Dolphins player, who quickly learned that expressing an opinion in the age of Obama comes with a steep price.

Michael Sam was drafted in the seventh round on Saturday by the St. Louis Rams team, with the sports network ESPN broadcasting the fabulous moment, to include a big smooch between Sam and his cake-covered boyfriend.

While it is likely the first time in NFL history that a seventh round pick drew such attention, the image of Sam and his boyfriend soon inundated social media.

Not to be outdone, Sam himself re-tweeted the image:

In all fairness, the media overkill could be described as nauseating, and Miami Dolphins defensive back Don Jones expressed that point of view by tweeting “OMG” and “horrible,” according to Twitchy:

With gay intolerance being what it is in America, such discretion is simply not allowed — either openly approve of the gay lifestyle or keep your mouth shut.

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And it didn’t take the politically correct Miami Dolphins long to react, issuing a statement Sunday announcing Jones “has been fined an undisclosed amount and excused from all team activities until such time that he undergoes and completes educational training.”

That’s right, a re-education camp!

Needless to say, many on Twitter went nuts, as documented by Twitchy:

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