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Louie Gohmert won’t stand for demonization of Christians in America: It’s ‘rise of fascism’

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Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert took to the House floor last week to warn that recent attacks on traditional marriage supporters in the country’s media and college campuses are part of “the rise of fascism” like the one that darkened Europe less than a century ago.

louiegohmert0512In a “special orders” speech – which basically give reps free rein – Gohmert cited the case of a planned reality show called “Flip It Forward,” which was cancelled by HGTV after an online furor over the religious and political views of one of its stars.

He linked it to the case of a former Dutch lawmaker and prominent critic of Islam Ayaan Hirsi Ali whose commencement speech at Brandeis University was cancelled in April for similar reasons.

The left-wing media are having a grand time making fun of Gohmert, trying to make it sound absurd to connect the case of Hirsi Ali, who fled Somalia as a girl because of its repressive Muslim culture – including genital mutilation — to a reality television show about real estate sales.

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But that’s because they weren’t listening, as usual.

Here’s a sample of what Gohmert said on Friday, and remember that this is the United States of America he’s describing.

“[N]ow, with this new intellectual fascism that has arisen in our universities, some of them–far too many of them, actually–say: if you disagree with our position, we don’t want you here. We want you eliminated. We don’t want you to have work. We want your family defiled. We just don’t want you to succeed in any way whatsoever …

“In fact, we see these kinds of receptions for conservatives, for Judeo-Christian believers and followers, people eliminated from being on television because they hold the view espoused by Moses and by Jesus of marriage being between a man and a woman …

“Now, we find out that there was a show yesterday that we were told was considered hateful because it believed what a majority of Americans does and what Moses believed and what Jesus believed, which is that marriage would be between a man and a woman …

“Now, all of a sudden, people like me are considered haters–hatemongers–evil, which really is exactly what we have seen throughout our history, going back to the days of the Nazi takeover in Europe.”

And how does this relate to Hirsi Ali?

Gohmert described the cowardice of the Brandeis administrators – self-satisfied liberals no doubt – who tried to quell the speech of this brave woman and compared it to the cowardice the Western world is showing to toward radical Islamists.

The cancer is everywhere – whether in an HGTV executive’s office or a faculty member’s desk on the Brandeis campus, but Gohmert aimed his most direct criticism at the places of higher education that have tried to prevent their students from developing the intellectual ability to fight radical Islam.

“I want to encourage universities to stand up against radical Islam and have the courage to recognize moderate Muslims who will stand up and have the courage to speak up against the real war on women in this world. And it is not by conservatives. It is by radical Islam.”

Gohmert spoke for just over 20 minutes, but it’s worth the time to check it out.

Every American ought to hear it – especially the liberals who can still be saved.


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