SNL’s Michelle Obama vs. Hillary Clinton: Mother’s Day smackdown!

“Saturday Night Live” recognized Mother’s Day at the opening of this week’s show with a message from actresses playing first lady Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. The two started with a friendly canned greeting and progressed into subtle jabs at one another.

Pretty soon it was an all-out verbal smackdown!

The fun began when Michelle pitched Obamacare (yeah, that would never happen in real life) and Hillary became jealous.

The fake smiles and insults kept coming:

“For years I was flying around the world,” Hillary said, “dealing with some of the worst humanitarian crises, but you know, I suppose it’s also tough trying to make a chubby kid eat an apple!”

Watch the skit via NBC:


31 thoughts on “SNL’s Michelle Obama vs. Hillary Clinton: Mother’s Day smackdown!

  1. J. C. Smith says:

    SNL — still lacking humor.

    1. mogul264 says:

      SNL = S(till) N(ot) L(aughing)

  2. GrumpyOleMan says:

    They say for comedy to be funny it must contain a grain of truth. Unfortunately, this sit contains a whole silo full of truth!

  3. AppraisHer says:

    This is how far we’ve fallen from the days of cultured, tasteful First Ladies:
    Michelle “let them eat cake” Antoinette and the Pig in a Pantsuit. Embarrassing and sad.

  4. mary says:

    they are a pair…… a pair of MUTHHA effers!

  5. Today22011 says:

    So these ladies have become grist for the comedy circuit. Interesting.

  6. Gyst53 says:

    “Cynical sarcasm” is very effective way of presenting the truth….
    Hopefully we have enough educated people to understand the difference between what is politically cynical and what is actually sarcastic satire!

  7. apricered says:

    Yeah. well, we’ll see; when, and IF Hill runs, if SNL still makes ‘fun’ of her???

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