Obama adds solar panels to the White House

Banking that Americans won’t remember his Solyndra debacle – $535 million of taxpayers’ money down the toilet – President Obama went ahead and spent millions more to install solar energy panels on the White House roof. They’ll produce enough power for six light bulbs – according to Fox News.

Furthermore, the White House boasted in a propaganda video, that everything involved – the parts, the labor, the design, the technology – was all American, and that everyone could be proud of this sterling achievement.

The investment, the White House said, reaps a noteworthy savings, and reinforces the president’s commitment to green energy.

How noteworthy? According to TradeWind Energy, one 50-watt light bulb consumes 1,000 watt-hours of energy in 20 hours, so 6.3 kWh produces the prodigious power to light all of six bulbs. That’ll keep those White House electric bills down on ground level.

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Solar panels were originally installed on the White House roof under orders from President Jimmy Carter, during the 1979 oil embargo. In 1986, President Ronald Reagan had them removed while repairs were being made underneath that section of the White House roof.

President Obama has reincarnated the idea, but in act that seems more symbolic than sensible. For like Solyndra and Obamacare, the costs will never be recouped.



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