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Judge Jeanine: Proof that Dems are scared to death of Benghazi hearings

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The Democrat resistance to the House select committee on the Benghazi attacks proves that when it comes to the burning of the U.S. outpost in Libya in 2012, where there’s smoke there’s fire.

judgejeanine0511newThat’s the message Judge Jeanine Pirro delivered during an “Opening Statement” on Saturday night filled with blistering, unanswered questions about what exactly happened the night a coordinated terrorist attack killed the American ambassador to Libya and three other Americans.

If the answers to those questions would truly reassure the American people, Pirro said, Democrats like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi would be welcoming it.

A Benghazi probe that turned up nothing would distract public attention – and the occasionally curious media – away from bona fide Democrat problems, like Obamacare’s continuing struggles.

The fact that Pelosi and her fellow Dem leaders are considering boycotting the hearings instead of milking them for all their worth, Pirro  said, “tells me the Democrats have something to hide.”

Check out the rest of Judge Jeanine’s statement. The questions are burning. They need answers.


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