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Joe Biden takes jabs at Clintons in closed-door fundraiser

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Joe Biden videoVice President Joe Biden spoke at a closed-door fundraiser in South Carolina Friday, and sources attending said he took a few shots at the Clinton administration.

Biden’s remarks were called “an Elizabeth Warren-type speech” by one attendee, citing rising income inequality and the struggles of Americans, according to CNN.

The path towards income inequality didn’t start under President George W. Bush, Biden told the mostly VIP audience, but instead under the “later years of the Clinton administration.”

Biden touted accomplishments of the Obama administration, then noted that many of the top earners continued to profit while others struggled, CNN reported:

“He said we have some of the most productive workers in the world, but corporations are more concerned about their stockholders than they are about their employees,” said one prominent Democrat who attended the fundraiser but did not want to be identified discussing a private event. “He talked about how the fruits of labor go to stockholders, rather than to the people who are producing it. That the people making the money in this country are the corporations.”

Another Democrat in the room said the vice president “talked about how the system was rigged against the middle class. He said the economic realities of the middle class are diminishing, and that the average middle-class family is finding it hard to make it economically.”

The vice president hasn’t confirmed whether he is planning a run for the White House in 2016, but said earlier in the year, appearing on The View, that Hillary Clinton’s plans would not affect his decision.

“He gave a stem-winding, almost revival-type speech today,” one Democrat told CNN. “I have never seen him this good. He was on fire. Sometimes when Joe gives a speech that goes on for 30 minutes, people are kind of drifting off or looking at their watches. But he was more enthused, more passionate. He was a preacher delivering a sermon.”

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