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White men apologize to other races for ‘white privilege’: ‘We Suck and We’re Sorry’

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White guys suck

A new video on race relationships in America is drawing lots of attention for targeting white guys.

Titled, “White Guys: We Suck and We’re Sorry,” the video features four millennial men who have taken it upon themselves to speak for all their brethren.

“I’m a straight white male,” each of the four begins. “And we’re sorry. You’ve all been working so hard to fight inequality, and we admit we haven’t always been the most supportive.”

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They ask to be cut some slack because of how “easy it is to be a straight white man in America,” acknowledging that they are “a bit resistant to change.”

“Actually don’t cut us any slack,” they conclude after owning up to a number of dubious stereotypes. “We don’t deserve it. We’re terrible people. ”

The video was written and produced by Stephen Parkhurst, who created a similar video last year slamming baby boomers. Parkhurt’s new effort pillories the concept of white privilege, a central tenet of the so-called “critical race theory,” an academic discipline that is now a driving force on college campuses across America.

The belief suggests white Americans have an unfair advantage over people of color simply because of their skin color, and the only way to level the playing field is to atone for the sin of being born white.


Tom Tillison


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