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Toure’s face says it all! MLK III tells MSNBC blacks should ‘engage with tea party’

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The cruelest way to confuse liberals is by suggesting they open their minds a little.

Martin Luther King III, the son of a man who changed America through moral force and the power of reason, laid some serious confusion on MSNBC host Toure by doing that during Friday’s broadcast of “The Cycle.

Black Americans have been taken for granted by the Democratic Party they support overwhelmingly, he said. They should be joining the Republican Party, registering as independents and even – gasp! – “be engaged with the tea party.”

Toure wasn’t just confused – he was nearly speechless.

“Why would it be important for us to be engaged with the tea party?” he asked. (Gotta love that “for us” bit.)

“Because the only way you change is that you have to be at least communicating,” King replied.

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During the civil rights movement, he said, his father met with whites “who were against our agenda.”

“Cycle” co-host Ari Melber picked up that cue to shepherd King back onto the comfort zone of “racial issues” and liberal orthodoxy.

But Toure’s incredulity in those few seconds made it crystal clear. Liberals of the MSNBC variety — which seems to be the only kind there are in the Obama Era — literally can’t conceive of having a conversation with conservatives.

In his finest public moments, Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to his opponents as fellow Americans.

The second-raters who style themselves his heirs — and that includes the Democrat in the White House and the party’s leaders in Congress — don’t know why they should speak to them at all.

H/T: The Blaze


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