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Rep. Peter King: Americans have lost their ‘appetite for strong, anti-terrorist measures’

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A leading voice on national security and possible 2016 presidential contender has described “complacency” as the greatest threat to America’s state of readiness and safety.

House Committee on Homeland Security member Rep. Peter King, R-NY, and its former chairman, said in an interview with the Harvard University Institute of Politics that “in many ways we’re stronger since 9-11, but the threat is greater, because there are so many more manifestations of al-Qaida,” the Washington Examiner reported.

“It’s morphed into a number of different groups,” he continued, “plus we have people in our country who have become radicalized over the Internet. We have to be worried about that the most…the lone wolves, and the public is losing its appetite for strong, anti-terrorist measures.”

‘Victory 365′: Permanent ground game launch could turn things around for GOP

The former New York City police officer is preparing to test the waters and receptivity to his message by visiting the early Republican primary states, New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. “I don’t want the Republican Party taken over by isolationists such as Rand Paul or people like Ted Cruz, who want to shut the government down,” he explained.

King invoked the tradition of Eisenhower and Reagan as the way to go.

When asked about his critical stance on the Nobel Prize being awarded to Eric Snowden’s water carriers, he replied, “[Snowden] disclosed secrets which could cause Americans to lose their lives…alert[ed] our enemies as to what our capabilities are, and he’s also revealed matters which could hurt our national defense.”

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