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Sicko! Democrat candidate makes Benghazi masturbation joke

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In recognition of “National Masturbation Month,” a Democratic congressional candidate in Mississippi posted a tweet that made fun of the terrorist attack in Benghazi that left four Americans dead.

And to make matters worse, when called out on it, Trish Causey doubled down on her callousness.

Running against two-term U.S. Rep. Steven M. Palazzo, R-Miss., in a strong Republican district, Causey has little chance of winning and needs to draw as much attention to her candidacy as she can, but this is probably not the smart way to do that.

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The expected backlash occurred, but even then the partisan Democrat could not leave well enough alone:

And Causey appears to have her own blog, where she refers to herself as “a writer-composer, trouble-maker, vagina warrior, vocal talent, survivor, teacher, & orgasm goddess.”

It seems Causey has plenty of company within the Democratic Party. Missouri state Rep. Stacey Newman tweeted a joke on Tuesday about saying the word “Benghazi” during a debate “just to see what happens.” And right on cue, David Plouffe, the former Obama campaign manager, chimed in Thursday with his own crass commentary:

“The strategy is pretty clear: poison the well by mocking Republican ‘obsession’ with a ‘phony scandal,’” Twichy pointed out.

But one Twitter user brought everything into perspective when he referenced the mother of one of the four Americans killed in Benghazi:

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