Joe blows up! Scarborough so mad he was visibly shaking, ‘about to pass out’ over libs’ behavior

Joe was really about to blow!

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough let loose in a big way on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” when the subject of Monica Lewinski came up.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski sparked the rampage with an observation that female columnists (she left out the part about them being liberal) are raking poor Lewinski over the coals about her recent Vanity Fair interview.

His main point of contention was that Bill Clinton has had a free pass all these years while the intern, then 22, was humiliated and tormented her whole life. She has kept quiet for 18 years, he noted – and has gone through hell. These hypocritical women are still blaming her.

If you can’t listen to the video, at least take a moment to read excerpts below from his dead-on chastisement and all-out tirade. The subject upset him so much that he was visibly shaking and “about to pass out.”

Video from MRC TV.

I mean, I wonder if one of these female columnist’s daughters who worked — had a daughter who worked for an extraordinarily powerful man who is in her early 20s and the man was in his 50s. And the man preyed on their young daughter. Their young daughter in her early 20s was preyed upon by a really powerful man. The most powerful man in the world in their 50s, I wonder if they would be attacking the 22-year-old or the most powerful man in the world? I think these women, if any of them are mothers, would not be attacking the woman who was preyed upon. But for some reason, and, again, we don’t want to bring it up — but for some reason, this is what went on in the 1990s. You want to know what’s in my head all the time? This is what went on in the 1990s. The guy that acted horrifically. The guy who not only to Monica Lewinsky but a lot of other people. He got a free pass. And his approval ratings went up in the ’60s. And I learned when that train was coming just step back and let it pass because there was nothing that was going to be said. He always got free passes. He is still getting free passes. Again, for anybody who has a daughter that has anything to do with these attacks on Monica Lewinsky, ask yourself what you would do if your daughter who lived in shame and was a punch line for 18 years and after 18 years actually spoke for the first time while the man who did what they did to the young woman– . . .

This is not about Bill Clinton. This is about the women who were eviscerating Monica Lewinsky, who Willie [Geist] as you said for 18 years was quiet. And by the way lived a life of shame. And her entire existence, her entire existence reduced to a punch line. And she stays quiet, shows a lot of dignity. A lot more dignity than people who preyed upon her and then tried to turn her into a slut or a nut. A 22-year-old daughter, really? And now, they’re coming out and kicking her in the face. Please, you all are sick. And you were sick in the ’90s. You women’s rights ladies , you were sick in the ’90s. You all went around, you defended the wrong person. Time and time again, whether it was Juanita Broderick, whether it was Monica Lewinsky, you defended him. And you are doing it 18 years later. You’re pathetic. And if you have young daughters, you should be ashamed of yourself. That’s all I’m going to say. I swear to God I will not talk about this again for another 20 years.  . . .

Go ahead, Willie. I’m so angry right now, I’m shaking. I still can’t believe the way he was treated in the 1990s. And it was always the women. The victims. And these people come out, and have the nerve to come out after defending him, after defending him, claim to come out wanting to support women and protect women. Women’s rights unless we’re protecting a really, really powerful man who’s on our side politically. Swear to God, I’m going to pass out.  . . .

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14 thoughts on “Joe blows up! Scarborough so mad he was visibly shaking, ‘about to pass out’ over libs’ behavior

  1. Marilyn Zeman says:

    Way to go Joe. Sometimes you can make the right statements.

  2. AmericanBear says:

    Geez….I didn’t think Joe Scarborough had it in him any more. I am glad he showed some stones over this, He is right!

    1. Eric Stegner says:

      Dont expect it too often.

  3. L. Jones says:

    Yes and the stupid women in power today were stupid enough to be his groupies and stick their heads in the sand. Stupid women have always been stupid about men like him….nothing ever changes no matter how evolved women think they are.

    1. SusieQ says:

      Exactly, he’s not even a bad boy he’s just a dirty old man who is probably about his old ways. The poor soul that crosses his path willing or not for his carnal pleasure is at their own peril, as they are used and trashed and the Hildebeast looks the other way while snarling at and blaming the recipient of Bill’s sins. They deserve each other.

      1. L. Jones says:

        I’ve always been dumbfounded by his female apologists who will throw anyone under the bus for him. Just goes to show you….no matter how evolved women think they are….their true natures always shine through

  4. SusieQ says:

    How true , there are no feminists they are just liberal looney fan clubs who feel oh so cool and part of the intellectual group. Ruining anyones life to protect a scoundrel who plows down anyone in his way. His un-better half is fond of mowing down the ones who don’t suit her agenda also, what a pair. Maybe they can have matching pitchforks for the place they are going one day.

  5. Vysta Owen says:


  6. betspotter says:

    Finally, Joe. Welcome home.

  7. manliter says:

    Wonder what Slick Willy would do if dear Chelsea was victimized like this! Probably would put the perp on his hit list!!!

    1. raybbr says:

      I doubt it. I bet Clinton would make some sort of deal with the perp making the guy Clinton’s personal cheerleader.

  8. Eddie frOly says:

    It sickens me to think if it were reversed and he was a conservative the media wouldn’t stand “for him taking advantage of that poor young defenseless girl like that!” They would have made sure he went to prison.

  9. randy harrison says:

    The women columinists haven’t the dignity to use this as an example to educate young women to be able to make better choices in life.
    Now if Monica had become pregnant and aborted a baby, she would be the jewel of society in their eyes.
    These columnist’s are kool aid drinkers for hire and are very predictable if not transparent.

  10. Ann Cable says:

    It’s not only women protecting the power surge, when it is not their daughter being humiliated, but men as well. Don’t Dads have any thing to say when their daughters are used and abused? Any one who has ever been a caring parent should have the guts to take a stand against powerful people taking advantage of the naive and the innocent or anyone for that matter.

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