Daughter, 14, confronts school board after dad was arrested over sex book: ‘I don’t feel safe’

NH daughterAfter watching police arrest her father at a Gilford, N.H., school board meeting Monday night for violating a two minute speaking rule, his daughter stood before the board to say she didn’t “feel safe” around them.

The controversy began when William Baer rose to complain about the sexually charged content of a book his ninth-grade daughter was assigned to read. The book, “19 Minutes,” includes graphic sexual content that culminates with: “Semen, sticky and hot, pooled on the carpet beneath her.”

When Baer continued to speak, after sitting down, he was escorted out by an officer and charged with disorderly conduct, according to WMUR-TV.

“I just watched my father get arrested because he broke the two minute rule, at a board of education meeting,” 14-year-old Marina Baer said. “This just shows that you resort to force at the first turn of conflict and I am appalled. So I don’t trust you, I haven’t, and I honestly don’t feel safe around you people.”

What happens when Dad protests sexual smut
assigned to his 9th grader will floor you

Stunningly, as Marina began to speak, an unidentified official, unfazed by the possibility that the ninth grader might be traumatized from seeing her father being led away in handcuffs, can be heard on the video requesting that she state her address.

While it’s understandable that this may be normal policy, this was certainly not “normal” circumstances. That a public official can have such a callous attitude toward a child in light of what had just occurred is hard to believe.

See shocking inscription from the book here.

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