Video: Detroit teacher fired for using broomstick to break up vicious fight

Detroit teacherA teacher desperately trying to break up a vicious fight in a Detroit classroom has been fired after a video surfaced showing her striking one of the students with a broomstick.

Two Pershing High School students are seen in the video participating in a violent fight, knocking over desks as they go at one another, according to the local Fox affiliate. As students clear out of the way, some yelling words of encouragement, the female teacher pleads with the combatants to stop.

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As the furious fight continues, the teacher grabbed a broomstick and is seen striking one of the students in the back. He does temporarily back away, until the other student charges him and the fight continues.

Eventually, an unidentified male stepped between the two students and the fight is stopped.

Fox 2 reported that the teacher was fired for intervening instead of contacting security personnel to break up the fight, with the school district saying it does not tolerate child abuse.

Teachers have walkie talkies for this, but Fox 2 noted that the fired teacher’s unit wasn’t working.

As for the students, they’ll be free to go at each other again after serving a 10 day suspension.

*Caution: Extremely graphic content

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