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Student: Professor told us ‘Ted Cruz Teabaggers’ should get the hell out or go home in a body bag

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A college junior at UC Santa Barbara alleges that a political science professor on opening day of class last fall, cautioned any “Ted Cruz-supporting teabaggers to get the hell out of his classroom before he sent them home to their mother in a body bag.”

Alice Gilbert made this remark in an email interview with The College Fix, and later on Sunday’s Fox and Friends Weekend with host Anna Kooiman.

Gilbert said that Prof. Otis Madison made the incendiary comments in his introductory session of a black political science course called, “The Obama Phenomenon.”

“The comment is from memory,” she told The Fix, “however there were other students with me in class who can attest to them. When Prof. Madison made his comments I was taken aback and offended.”

She subsequently dropped the course but did not complain to the school administration, since “he did not target me by name.”

Madison denied ever having made the caustic remarks, emailing The Fix: “No, I said that any conservative ideas were welcome but that they had to be academic ideas. That tea party nonsense like ‘Obama is a Nazi, Communist, Muslim elitist would not be tolerated and that I would destroy those concepts…”

While Madison is scheduled to teach the course again this summer, Gilbert has become co-chair of California College Republicans at UC Santa Barbara, and active in a new social media campaign launched by the College Republican National Committee.

The website “#MyLiberalCampus” enables conservative students across America to share their tales of discrimination and intolerance on campus and has so far garnered 350,000 participants in the conversation. Gilbert posted her story on this site as further testimony to the prevalence of left-wing professors in America’s universities, so recently accentuated by the tirades at Rutgers in the Condoleeza Rice brouhaha.

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