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Lynne Cheney: Clintons may be behind Lewinski’s Vanity Fair interview to get it ‘out of the way’

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The new profile of former intern Monica Lewinsky could be part of a broader plan by the House of Clinton to return to the White House in 2016.

That was the idea put out by Lynne Cheney, wife of former Vice President Cheney, author of a new book about former President James Madison, and generally acute observer of all things presidential in American politics.

Lewinsky’s back-from-the-wilderness essay in Vanity Fair could be just a Clintonian way of bringing up old news now, so when Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency in 2016, it will be older news still, Cheney told interviewer Laura Ingraham on the “O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night.

“I really wonder if this isn’t an effort on the Clintons’ part to get that story out of the way. Would Vanity Fair publish anything about Monica Lewinsky that Hillary Clinton didn’t want in Vanity Fair?” Cheney said.

What makes Cheney’s theory especially beautiful is that comes off badly in Lewinsky’s essay. Would she really orchestrate her own public humiliation now to get it out of the way for a stronger presidential run in 2016?

Is she really capable of such a cold-blooded, manipulative, deceptive move to pull one over on the :American media and public in her quest for political power?

The question answers itself.

H/T: CNS News


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