Letter to the Editor: Just who is this teacher telling kids they can’t read the Bible?

The Broward County School district ( FL) stands behind a local teacher who banned a student’s reading the Bible during a free reading session. As a former educator, I believe that any teacher worth his/her salt would be happy to have kids bring in any piece of literature as an incentive to get kids into reading. According to records of the FCAT results of reading proficiency of the students in 5th grade in the Broward schools, only 60% are on grade level. That means that four kids out of ten face a good chance of educational and possibly career failure.

So, who is this teacher, Swornia Thomas, who banned the Bible from the classroom? What is her educational background? What are her qualifications for teaching? What tests did she have to undergo in order to permit her to teach kids? What evaluations has she received from her superiors? What are the achievement levels of her students in reading? Are they above average or below? Before banning the Bible from the classroom, did she have the intelligence to first A) Contact her superior for advice? B) Base her decision on school policy? C) Contact the parent? D) Or at least, have the basic instincts to weigh the consequences of her actions on her students?

Has this Swornia Thomas woman had any previous problems in the classroom? Or out of? And just what prejudices has Swornia against Christianity or any other religion? For closers, just what religion does Swornia practice, herself?

These are all pertinent questions to ask, since a student has had to go viral publicity wise and risk attacks from other students and faculty in order to stand up tall for our liberties and freedoms. G-d bless this kid, his family and his future. He is my hero.

Alan Bergstein
WPB, Florida

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