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Dem cracks a flip joke about Benghazi; James Woods, Dana Loesch, others step up to shred her

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A Democrat Missouri lawmaker who cracked a Twitter “joke” about the dead of Benghazi is getting an eyeful from critics – including conservative actress and radio host Dana Loesch and conservative actor James Woods.

Apparently frustrated that the struggle between Republican lawmakers and Democrat Gov.  Jay Nixon is going so badly for Nixon – the Missouri Legislature just overrode a Nixon veto to cut income taxes in the “Show Me” state for the first time in almost a century – state Rep. Stacey Newman thought it was time yuk it up about a murdered ambassador.

Here’s how:

Loesch, a “Show Me State” native herself, pounced.

Woods was outraged.

Woods has the title wrong — Newman is a state rep. not a U.S. rep. — but many, many people think the hashtag is dead on.  The Dems still do not realize it, but there is a lot of very real anger in this country about what happened in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. Here are some responses to Newman’s example of liberal humor.

That’s an excellent question.

It probably had something to do with the fact that she’s a Democrat.

Even in responses that didn’t directly mention politics, the fury was palpable. Note: Some language is pretty strong.

This being Twitter, though, not all of the responses were without humor. The difference is, they were making a point about Newman’s callousness — and they were doing it with wit.  

This one pretty much sums them up:


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